Based on the following policy, we manage the personal information strictly and thoroughly by taking measures for safety management to prevent the leak, loss or prejudice of any personal information and taking measures against in case of such accident:

  • 1. We will respect the rights and interests of individuals.
    We will respect the rights and interest of individuals concerning their personal information. If we are asked to disclose, correct or delete any of the personal information, we will comply with such request within a reasonable period.
  • 2. We will make efforts to acquire, utilize and provide the personal information properly.
    We will define the acquisition, utilization and provision of the personal information within the business range of “data security service (treatment of confidential documents)” and “employee management.” To achieve the purposes of data security and employee management, we will acquire, utilize and provide the personal information in the fair and proper manner within the limits necessary. On the other hand, we will take measures to prohibit and prevent the utilization of the personal information for any purpose other than data security and employee management.
  • 3. We will observe the laws, regulations and other rules for the handling of the personal information.
    We will observe the laws, regulations, ordinances and internal regulation, and thereby fulfill our social responsibility.
  • 4. We will manage and control the personal information properly.
    In order for us not to cause reveal, loss or prejudice to the personal information in our possession, we will take organizational, human, physical and technical safety measures and establish a reliable climate favorable for the proper management of the personal information.
  • 5. We will deal with any complaint and consultation.
    We will set up a complaint and inquiry counter related to the handling of the personal information, and respond to any complaint and inquiry with sincerity.
  • 6.  We will continue to improve the management system for protecting the personal information.
    We will check up the compliance with our management system for personal information protection at regular intervals and continue to improve it, including the revision to the current system and establishment of new measures, according to the changes in social and in-house environments.
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