1.Preliminary discussion while confirming actual wastes

Preliminary discussion while confirming actual wastes
Wastes, quantity, etc. are confirmed on site.
(If you are far away, you may send us some sample of the actual wastes by post.)

2.Sample test and quotation

You are explained about the collection procedure, etc. by us. If you have any question here, please feel free to ask us.
You receive the quotation of collection fee from us. Your acceptance of the quotation automatically constitutes the conclusion of a sales contract.

3.Collection or carrying in

You may have your wastes collected by us or you may carry your wastes in our premises.

  • ・For collection, the minimum weight of your wastes should be 4 tons, in principle.
  • ・For carry-in, we can accept any weight.

4.Processing at our recycling plant

We separate resins from your wastes, and pre-treat the resins (to make them ready for being pulverized).

5.Turning out raw materials

Your wastes are pulverized into granules.
Then, the granules are washed and dried and colored to your order.
Then, the colored granules are dissolved in an extruder into pellets as recycled pellets.

6.Delivery to you

The finished pellets are packed, and delivered to you.

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