Individual cooperation is indispensable to earth-friendly recycling

Efforts to assume CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility)

 Always providing “ease” to our customers, and wining the confidence of all persons concerned, including our shareholders, investors, employees, traders and local community, in us. ? We are conscious that this is our basis of corporate value upgrading.
We are unrolling our sound corporate activities with social sense while complying with relevant laws and regulations, fulfilling our social responsibility

Efforts to preserve the environment

Eco Action 21

 The “Authentication and Registration System for ‘Eco Action 21’” is an environmental management system based on the “Environmental Management System and Activity Report Guideline for ‘Eco Action 21’” established by the Ministry of the Environment.
Focusing mainly on the “reduction of CO2 amount of emission,” the “reduction of secondary wastes” and the “reduction of drainage volume,” we have set our target value for each of these priority issues, and are working hard every day to achieve all target values.

 Recognizing that the preservation of the earth environment is one of the important issues common to all human beings, all our employees are acting with the environmental preservation into consideration in all our business activities, including the collection, transportation and processing of wastes and the sales of recycled products. In this way, we try hard to reduce loads on the environment and contribute to the development of recycling-oriented environment of the global community.

エコアクション21 認証・登録番号0003384

Responsible Care

 The “Responsible Care (RC)” refers to the activities of chemical substance handling companies to take measures in terms of environment, health and safety throughout the life cycle from design and development to procurement, production, sales, logistics, use and disposal, and voluntarily publicize the results of these activities.
We are conducting our activities with the following in mind:

・Setting voluntary standards for the comprehensive safety management of chemical substances in keeping with the spirit of the “RC” and promoting the continuous improvement by means of voluntary management, not to mention the compliance with relevant laws and regulations

・ Establishing a management system and maintaining it so that all organizations and their employees can act based on their basic policies and objectives to achieve their goals
・ Enhancing communication with society to strengthen their confidence in us
・ Providing education and training to our employees so that they can understand our basic policy and produce material results

Efforts as a member of the region and society

 As a corporate citizen who loves the local community and grows together with it, Ihara Synthesis is dealing with the environmental problems, sparing no pains in compliance with the laws and regulations and facilitates the information disclosure. Furthermore, we are striving for making our society safer through our efforts for the activation of the local society.

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